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Redemption Scones (and cupcakes)

8, September, 2010

Following the disaster which was the subject of my last post, and with a lack of significant events to theme this post around, I decided to prove to the world that I can make presentable fruit scones.

The fruit I decided on was strawberry, partly inspired by the fact that I’m starting tennis lessons this week (tennis=Wimbledon=strawberries) but more by the fact that they were on special offer in my local supermarket. I thought it would be interesting to use wholemeal flour as well, after the success of the wholemeal cheese scones.

The  scones turned out OK – not amazing, but not a total mess. They weren’t as light as I would have liked – I think I should have added a bit more baking powder, as well as perhaps some extra sugar to counteract the heavy texture and taste of the wholemeal flour. Next time I might try using brown sugar for a more flavoursome result.

Strawberry Scones

I also made some cupcakes, pink and white to match the slightly tired roses I rescued from Tesco’s for 75 cents a bunch. I took the opportunity to test out my exciting, never-used-before piping syringe, but unfortunately I made the buttercream icing a little too runny, and it didn’t really hold its shape. Not the most triumphant weekend of baking. I’m confident I’ll do better in a couple of weeks when the official taster and I move into our lovely new flat, where I’ll have a kitchen free of housemates and bad vibes!

Buttercream Cupcakes

Photos will have to follow later, as they are currently trapped on my camera. Instead, here’s a photo of the embarassingly pink tennis racquet I was forced to buy for my lesson:

Venus and Serena Tennis Racquet

It even says 'Venus' and 'Serena' on it!

Finally added the photos nearly 2 months later…!

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  1. neigeblanche permalink
    8, September, 2010 9:56 am

    I like your racket! How many lessons are you taking? Tennis is great fun.

  2. 8, September, 2010 2:49 pm

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I will spend some time browsing your blog this AM. I made strawberry scones. If my memory serves me right it was my first try at scones. Can’t wait to see you pictures. Cute racket…have fun with your tennis lessons.

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