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To Arthur! Guinness Scones

23, September, 2010

Last year, to celebrate 250 years since Guinness was invented, Diageo announced that the 23rd September would be Arthur’s Day. Obviously they raked in a ton of cash, and decided to make it a yearly event.

Now I hate the Black Stuff. Can’t stand beer of any kind, in fact, but I felt pretty stupid last year in the pub raising my vodka diet coke while all around me pints of Guinness were sailing through the air. So this year, I decided to join in by making Guinness scones. I had tried Guinness bread before and quite liked it – I suppose the yeasty taste I dislike in a drink is more appropriate in a bread.

I found this recipe Googling ‘Guinness scones’ – I was encouraged by the description of the scones as ‘a version of the popular Irish soda bread’, and the sentence ‘the Irish enjoy the taste of soda’ amused me.

So I put the scones together, following the ingredients from the recipe but more or less using my own quantities; perhaps I was a bit cocky with my scone-making abilities, after all I have only been scone blogging for 2 months.

Guinness Scones

Of course I used a Guinness pint glass to cut out the rounds...

Anyway, into the oven they went and after 10 minutes or so they came out looking all rustic and delicious. I pulled one apart, handed a chunk to the official taster and took a bite myself. They were delicious. Ok, that was a lie. They were disgusting. I looked at the OT who had a panicked look on his face, wondering what he had done wrong to be punished like this.

Guinness Scones

They LOOK ok...

Perhaps all the talk of soda in the recipe was what led me to go a little bit overboard with the bicarbonate of soda. It was my first time using it as an ingredient and I didn’t have self-raising wholemeal flour, so I was worried about the scones not rising. I can now assert that my Irishman at least does not ‘enjoy the taste of soda’.

I’m quite disappointed that the first scones I made in our new kitchen were such a disaster. The official taster did say that with a little less soda he thought they would be pretty good, bless him, and as I still have more than half a can of Guinness left, he encouraged me to try again. We’ll see.

Guinness Scones

And into the bin they go...

Edit: I did try again – see the second attempt here

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  1. 23, September, 2010 11:51 am

    At least they rose… It’s good to try these things out! I’m going to have a crack at your chilli scones this weekend! On a side note I love Guinness… Lx

  2. 23, September, 2010 1:59 pm

    That’s so sad. I was getting all excited that these were going to be amazing. I guess you have to try them to know. They did look cool! I don’t like Guinness either, but one of my favorite cakes is Nigella Lawson’s Guinness cake. Just had it for my birthday last weekend. 😉 I also love steak and mushroom pie made with Guinness.

    • 23, September, 2010 2:02 pm

      They may well be amazing with a bit (a lot!) less bicarbonate of soda. The more I think about, the more I want to give them another go. Stay tuned!

  3. 23, September, 2010 6:28 pm

    hi there!!! Thanks for dropping me a message on my raspberry scone post. I think they might be the perfect ones for you to practice “dropping” with. I, in no way, made them perfectly round like all the yummy ones you have on here. I’m so excited that you are doing this blog. I {heart} scones! 🙂

  4. 26, September, 2010 8:00 pm

    and you said my scones were interesting! i think these could be really good. you should try again for sure!

  5. Aimee permalink
    27, September, 2010 2:27 pm

    i had to laugh seeing the photo of the scones in the trash! that’s something i have never photographed, but have had to do plenty of times. just might start capturing it now. 🙂 love your blog!

    🙂 aimee

    • 27, September, 2010 3:44 pm

      Hopefully it’s not something I’ll be taking photos of too often! Hate to waste food but these were revolting…

  6. 30, September, 2010 1:59 pm

    I am so glad to have found your blog! I am going to have to try these Guinness scones–love Guinness baked goods 🙂

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