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Pizza Scones, a.k.a. ‘I can’t eat that for breakfast, what was I thinking?’

4, December, 2011

I have a new fan to thank for today’s scones. I woke up to an email saying that My Life in Scones had a new subscriber, which must have put the idea of baking scones into my head after several month’s break.

This morning I woke up starving with no breakfast food in the house (how did we let ourselves get into this state??) , so I had the brainwave of baking some cheese scones. Unfortunately, I’m easily distracted, and as I was pulling the butter and cheese out of the fridge, I came across some leftover pizza sauce from when we had entertained the Official Parents earlier in the week.

‘Pizza scones?’, says I, ‘that’s new!’, and I set about following this recipe for cheese scones, replacing the mustard and milk with pizza sauce. It would have been nice if we’d had some mozzarella left over as well, but I’m hoping that as this was a spur-of-the-moment creation,any Italians reading this will forgive me the use of cheddar.

Into the oven they went, and they came out looking pretty tasty and smelling very much like pizza.


Here they are posed next to, for absolutely no reason at all, a pair of papier mache ducks I made yesterday

This is all well and good, but pizza is not a breakfast food (there are people who may tell you they’ve seen me leaning out of bed in the morning to pull a cold slice of last night’s pizza out of the box, but that is a lie and I will sue).

Still, they tasted pretty good – the pizza taste was subtler than it smelt – so I would definitely deem this experiment a success. For anyone who would like to try this themselves, I made the pizza sauce by bunging random quantities of tinned chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, onion, garlic, basil and a pinch of salt into a blender – is that helpful?


And here are the ducks on their own, for no reason other than they're cute. They ate all the scones! HAAAA!

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  1. lifeinarecipe permalink
    16, January, 2012 9:33 pm

    Pizza scones…what a great idea! I can envision a hot one stuffed with slices of Capicolla or hot pepperoni…yum…a must try for me!

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